MULTI Elevator One Step Closer to Willy Wonka’s Great Glass Version

multi-elevator- moss and fog 1

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka risks guests around in a magical elevator that can travel in any direction.  Well, consider that magical device one step closer to reality, thanks to Thyssenkrupp’s new MULTI rope-free elevator, being installed in Berlin’s East Side Tower.  This incredible feat of engineering uses maglev train technology to allow for sideways and vertical travel, opening up an incredible number of possibilities for building design. The entire mechanical mechanism behind the elevator can rotate 180 degrees, allowing for seamless direction changes. Expect skyscrapers all over the world to adopt this technology, to allow for quick, efficient, and smart travel.  Check out the video below, and prepare to be amazed by the buildings of the future. Via Uncrate:

Buildings are becoming like vertical cities, and they need a FLEXIBLE TRANSPORT SYSTEM similar to a metro. SPEED alone does not solve the challenges posed by tall buildings.

futuristic elevator allows for sideways travelfuturistic elevator allows for sideways travelmulti-elevator- moss and fog 4