New Looks from Field Candy

I’ve posted about Field Candy tents before, but they’re cool enough for a re-post. Plus they have a lot of new designs out. So if you’re in the mood for an outdoor trip splurge, feast your eyes on these.

These limited-edition, designer tents hail from the UK, and they’re pretty amazing. Their classic A-frame shape harkens back to the old days of camping, but their high-definition ‘flysheet’ designs are anything but traditional.  They fly in the face of high-tech, but design-timid gear that fills the market.

Here is a look at the inner tent, which has a variety of features, including locked pockets, windows and high-quality build materials.

As jaw-dropping as the designs are, the prices are equally stunning. All limited-edition, the tent prices range from around $400 to well over a thousand. But wow would you make a statement. You would indeed be the talk of the campground or music festival. I personally would love to be nestled deep in the woods in a giant wedge of cheese.

Visit the well-designed FieldCandy website to browse the whole collection.