New Renderings Show Amazing Unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright Projects

Frank Lloyd Wright remains the most well known architect in the world, even though he died over 60 years ago.

His built projects live on, like The Guggenheim in New York, Falling Water in Pennsylvania, Taliesen in Wisconsin, and on and on.

But the architect died before many of his large, ambitious projects could be built. And some of them were so ambitious they might not ever be technically feasible.

However, Spanish architect David Romero has helped bring some of these beautiful projects to life with digital renderings that would make Wright proud.

Below are some stunning projects, from the world’s tallest skyscraper concept, to floating homes on Lake Tahoe.

The Illinois, a planned 1-mile high skyscraper, much taller than any building currently on earth. Courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Broadacre City, a massive planned community concept. Click the photo for our article on this amazing planned concept.

The National Life Insurance buildings a distinct blue-green facade. Courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Smith House, planned for Oakland California.

The interior for the planned Arizona Capitol, including Romero’s detailed interior renderings.

The Lake Tahoe Summer Colony with stunning “floating” cabins.

Gordon Strong Automobile Objective. Courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.