Ondrej Zunka’s Encyclopedia of Strange Flowers

If you imagine what flowers in an alternate universe might look like, then you might understand the wild and fabulous creations of Ondrej Zunka. 💐

Created as an encyclopedia of strange flowers, we see fantastical plant life that swoops and converges in ways you’d never see on our world, but perhaps in an alternate one. Fascinating and beautiful designs.


See more of Zunka’s work on his Instagram and website.  Images used with permission.

“I’ve created an encyclopedia of strange flowers. Some of them are cute and some are toxic. Some want to touch you, others smell so good and one even make sounds. Some need protection and others will eat you. They kind of took on personalities over time.”

         –Ondrej Zunka

“I didn’t plan to create this many. I started with one in mind, but it was too exciting to see them come to life from an idea or a sketch until they “started making sense”… I was never so much into making a series but this time I enjoyed the process too much I didn’t want to stop.”