One of the World’s Best Restaurants Wants You To Eat Like an Ancient Roman

Noma is internationally known as one of the best restaurants anywhere. Started in Copenhagen, the restaurant has hosted longterm pop-ups in places like Mexico and Australia, and have been experimenting with food for over two decades.

They now are getting into the business of packaged foods, starting with sauces that have an ancient origin. Garums are fermented sauces that were widely used in Ancient Rome, often using fermented fish as a base.  These flavor packed condiments are being reborn through Noma Projects, and the restaurant has two to start, one using fermented mushrooms, and the other based from smoked egg whites.  They use rice koji to create the pungent, umami-rich flavors of the sauces.

These vegetarian-takes on the ancient condiment are meant to awaken veggie-based dishes, and also bring back a tradition that dates back millennia.  We’re excited to check them out when they launch later this year.

Via WSJ: