Organic Form 3D Printed Sink by Kohler

Kohler and artist Daniel Arsham have collaborated on this unique 3D-printed sink, which eschews the normal form for something that looks like highly natural.

Rock.01 is a ceramic vessel that rests on a cast iron ‘stone’, with a patina that looks good in almost any environment. We love the way the ceramics were 3D printed, showing the medium’s maturity and flexibility.

We imagine washing your hands would become a much more zen-like experience

“The first of its kind, this unconventional vessel sink reinterprets stacked rocks via 3D-printed vitreous china and patinaed hand-cast brass—symbolic of the collaboration and innovation built on the heritage of the KOHLER® brand. The sink’s physical composition underpins the notion of “future meets past” with a digitally crafted vitreous china body resting atop traditional brass; the basin a modern-day interpretation of primitive coil-building techniques.”