Polestar’s O2 Convertible Concept is Sleek and Stunning

Polestar is the new, all-electric sub brand under Volvo, creating sleek, Scandinavian takes on EVs. They’ve so far released just two vehicles, and both are intriguing, without necessarily being beautiful.

Their latest O2 concept, however?  Gorgeous. The sleek, slung-back design takes the best cues from Nissan’s heralded Z, while creating a profile and stance that feels new and alive, ready to tear up the road, in quiet, all-electric propulsion, that is. Polestar wants to introduce a sense of joy and delight to the electric sports car world.

We’re in love with the sharp profile, the trademark LED lights, and the exciting style that Polestar is bringing to the table.

In addition to sleek, silent speed, the Polestar O2 has another trick up its sleeve:

“Integrated into the rear deck is what Polestar calls an “autonomous cinematic drone” that was developed with Aerofugia-owned brand Hoco Flow. This drone can be deployed at speeds up to 56 mph thanks to an automatic aerofoil that raises up to prevent wind buffeting, and it will autonomously follow the car and film it. Drivers can choose between two different modes, one for beauty shots and one for action shots, and the video clips can be edited and shared using the infotainment screen.”
– Via Roadshow


Check out the video of the drone below for more detail.