Portable Wind Turbine Brings Clean Energy Potential on the Go

Portable solar devices have been around for decades, in some form or another. But portable wind energy? That’s new to us.

Shine is a compact, portable wind turbine that folds up to the size of a water bottle, and can be setup almost anywhere to capture the breeze, and turn it into electricity.

The clever design features fold-out blades and a monopod pole, which is supported by guy-wires.  All of the components nicely fit inside the casing itself, which doubles as a battery to store the energy and provide power for portable electronics.

Aside from being compact and clever in its design, a portable wind turbine holds a few advantages over relying on solar. Able to work at night when there’s no sun, Shine can capture wind potential when solar can’t. Also on cloudy or overcast days, as long as there’s a breeze, there’s energy.

The Shine turbine works with wind speeds of 8 mph – 45 mph.

Now funding on IndieGogo, this innovative clean energy companion seems like a perfect addition to your next big camping adventure.