‘Run Forever’ is a Mesmerizing Animation Visualizing Hydrogen Mobility

Presented in a series of hypnotizing animations, ‘Run Forever’ is a surreal take on hydrogen mobility, and its various elemental forms.

Created by the digital firm Universal Everything for Hyundai, we see an amorphous shape running across screen, turning from gas to liquid to plant, all with brilliant textures and physics. And while the promise of fuel cells and hydrogen as future fuel has often been considered a pipe dream, it’s still a very impressive undertaking.

“Run Forever is a digital media artwork visualising the vision of Hyundai Motor’s sustainable design and green energy for a clean mobility society. In Run Forever, the runner is at one with nature, transforming from water, to hydrogen and oxygen, to pure energy, before returning to nature in the form of plants. Inspired by the water cycle, Hyundai Motor’s clean hydrogen fuel process is renewable, generating infinite energy for our runner to ‘run forever’.”