Salt & Straw Introduces Ice Cream Perfume

Edible fragrances? Ice cream perfume? What is this wizardry?

This new collection from Salt & Straw is the latest innovation from a company known to experiment with flavors. Apparently when frozen, ice cream doesn’t have a scent, mean our noses miss out on the experience.

Made in collaboration with perfumery Imaginary Authors, the edible perfume can be misted onto sundaes, ice cream cones and the like, giving a burst of yummy scent, which will enhance your dessert deliciousness.

Available in ‘a cloud of cocoa’, ‘a swoon of citrus’, and ‘a plume of blooms’, the perfumes can be worn as well as consumed, giving you the opportunity to smell as chocolatey as you please.

Salt & Straw was born in Portland, Oregon, but now has scoop shops across the US, and are known for strange and unique ice cream flavors like bone marrow, goat cheese habanero, and deviled egg custard.  Available on Salt & Straw’s website this summer.

“Did you know ice cream has no scent? The ingredients within might be fragrant but, at such low temperatures, the chemicals that would normally make our olfactory sensors sing are essentially frozen in ice. Enter the culinary and scent experts.”