Some Good News: Renewables Topped Coal Power in the US in April for the First Time Ever

In an era of depressing and scary political news, there are a few bright spots, driven by the unstoppable enthusiasm toward renewable energy, and the fact that climate change is starting to change human behavior for the positive.

In the month of April, the levels of renewable energy generated surpassed coal generation for the first time in United States history. Though the level was temporary, it represents a major change in the power generation in the US, and portends more great things to come.

Despite Trump’s pledge to “bring back coal”, coal energy is finally on the decline in the country, and will continue to drop as renewables make more sense, cost less, and perform better. Via DesignBoom:


The EIA report shows renewable energy generating 2,322 and 2,271 thousand megawatt-hours (MWh/day) per day in april and may, respectively. This tops coal’s expected output of 1,997 and 2,239 thousand MWh/day during the same two months.