Sony’s High Tech Afeela Marks Their First Entry Into the Car Market

Afeela is the name of the new joint venture between Honda Mobility and Sony, who is officially launching their first car. The EV is a refinement on their concept launched in 2020, and is a clean, if somewhat generic-looking jellybean shape.

The sleek ride is, of course, outfitted with the latest in digital technology, with a pillar-to-pillar display in the front, packed with infotainment and entertainment options. It even boasts advanced AR graphics created with Unreal Engine, a powerful videogame computer.

The intro video for the Afeela features the sleek styling and features of the car, which feel up-to-par of the latest and greatest EVs coming onto the market.

The car’s UX features are pretty impressive, featuring a number of welcoming gestures, from a front bumper display that is customizable with personalized colors or messages, to biometric technology that recognizes the driver and adjusts settings accordingly.

The car is still in prototype mode, but testing and certification is underway, meaning we can expect a version of the Afeela on the roads in 2024 or 2025.