SpaceX’s BFR To Whisk You Around the Globe


SpaceX, run by Elon Musk, has serious plans for getting humans to the Moon, and Mars. But in order to fund these insanely ambitious operations, they’ll need to raise an insane amount of cash. One option? Use their developed rocket technology to transport people all around the globe with amazing speed. Indeed, they claim their new BFR (Big F-ing Rocket, no joke), will whisk people from New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes. 24 minutes from Los Angeles to Toronto. 30 minutes from New York to Paris. These unbelievable travel times would come with a hefty price tag, which would then help fund the more ambitious plans for interplanetary travel. Check out the brief video below for a look at the future of intercontinental travel. Via SpaceX:

SpaceX BFR

The tiny white speck is a human, showing the scale of the BFR.