Stunning Omakase Restaurant

Looking straight out of a science-fiction movie set, this beautiful and sleek restaurant has a design stays true to its futuristic vision. Architectural Decoration Design Co. is the firm that pulled it off, and the mirrors, sleek flowered panelling, and beautifully spare seating makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

Named Omakase, it’s located in Shanghai, but pays great respect to the design and motifs of Japan. Via The Cool Hunter:


The surroundings in this new 160 square-metre restaurant are also surprising, taking the guests on a visceral journey to the romance of Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom festival and all the romantic stories and even computer games that it has inspired.


Rain, pink cherry blossoms and the extensive and clever use of glass create a magical vibe. Everything feels airborne, weightless and transparent, just like the magical spring time of the cherry blossom festival.