The Zen Work Pod is a Stylish, Made-For-Home Personal Office

Working from home went from a rare, special type of status to status quo basically overnight.

It’s a shocking and far-reaching change in the way people get work done. And even when our global pandemic ends, most experts don’t anticipate people rushing back to their offices all at once.

Indeed, a number of high profile companies have openly embraced a work-from-home policy in perpetuity, meaning people may be adapting to a home office environment for the long haul.

This new working model has created all sorts of new opportunities, including clever standalone office solutions for people that want a better choice than working out of their laundry room.

Enter the Zen Work Pod, a stylish standalone working structure meant to be a productive getaway in your own backyard.

This soundproof, light-filled and clever structure has a small footprint, but also offers a welcome getaway from a busy household, a place meant to focus your energy on work and productivity.  Made by Autonomous, better known for office furniture, the Zen Work Pod is their answer to the work-from-home grind.

This clever and well-designed modern space comes fully furnished with desk, chair, shelving, and is easily assembled. Their soundproof design is also weatherproof, providing the needed getaway space to let you do your best thinking.

Offered at an early-bird price of $5400, this self-contained unit seems well priced, and ready to improve your work-from-home productivity. Use this special link to get their introductory pricing.


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