The Horror of California’s Tahoe Fires

There’s not much else to say about California’s Caldor fire, which is right on Lake Tahoe’s doorstep. It’s huge, destructive, and tragic. Over 60,000 people have had to be evacuated from South Lake Tahoe, and people claim that they’ve never seen anything like it.

California has always been a place of summer wildfire danger, but in the last ten years, it’s been worse and worse every year, with record-breaking fires destroying tens of thousands of acres each season.

Climate change is making the fire seasons drier, hotter, and much more dangerous, and fires like the massive Caldor Fire are just the latest in a grim reality that prove how drastically we need to change both our habits, and our ways of fighting fires.

The pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding nature make the fires all the more tragic. For anyone that’s ever visited this beautiful place, you can know the heartache of it being in grave danger of being lost.

Photos below are from the Caldor Fire as it approaches South Lake Tahoe. Via SF Gate: