Zaha Hadid’s Dramatic ‘Opus’ Building in Dubai

Zaha Hadid swung for the fences in the world of design and architecture. Her work always seemed ahead of its time, almost sci-fi, like it came from an alien planet.

She died a few years ago at the peak of her career, which was especially tragic, as women architects of her stature are rare. Luckily, her work will live on for generations, and there are still number of new buildings from her firm that are just opening now.

One of these new openings is the dramatic ‘Opus’ building in Dubai, a sleek glass cube with an organic void that spans the entire center of the structure.


Indeed, the shape is so complex and unique that it’s almost hard to describe, a free-flowing negative space that forms the identity of the structure.

The double glazed glass on the curved surfaces are also embedded with computer-controlled LEDs, creating a one-of-a-kind lighting experience at night.

Home to the ME Dubai Hotel, the building adds to the city’s opulent flair, but with a signature style only Hadid and her team could pull off.  Read more about the building’s architectural style and eco-friendly features on Design Boom: