Zallinger & the Age of Reptiles

There is something grippingly nostalgic about the pictures of dinosaurs we saw in books growing up. The science and accuracy of the artwork may be off by today’s standards, but much like a compelling diorama, the vintage dinosaurs of our youth hold a lot of sentimentality for me. American-based artist Rudolph F. Zallinger became well known for his mural, The Age of Reptiles, at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History, which remains one of the largest murals in the world. At 110 feet by 16 feet, it is a stunner, and reads like a panoramic photo from the cretaceous period. Zallinger went on to create one of the most recognizable scientific images, the March of Progress.

Below is a tiny snapshot of the “Age of Reptiles” mural, plus a film from the Peabody Museum, talking about the creation of the mural itself.  Thanks for the dinos, Rudy!