Zero Labs Introduces the All-Electric, Classic Ford Bronco

As the market slowly but surely shifts to one of electric mobility, classic (internal combustion) cars seem destined for the scrap yard, aside from the very special ones that are revered and stored away.


Zero Labs has a different idea. They plan to create collections of classic cars, fully updated for the 21st century, with modern amenities, and a fully electric drivetrain.

Their first project is a sure crowd pleaser, the 60s-era Ford Bronco, a boxy and utilitarian design, with iconic round headlights, and a blocky persona.


The soul of the original Bronco remains, yet Zero Labs has touched every inch of this vehicle, thoroughly modernizing it top to bottom.  With a fully electric drivetrain, 440 horsepower (500% more than the original), the Electric Bronco packs a 70 kWh battery that gives it a range of over 190 miles.

The interior has been entirely redesigned, with a modern, yet spare aesthetic, and full manual control, as the original had. The company plans to complete 150 of these editions, which we imagine will be spoken for very quickly.


We love the idea of retaining the feel and nostalgia of these classic cars, but reinvigorating them with a clean, digital ‘heart’, giving them a new lease on life.


No word on pricing, but judging from the amount of work, technology, and love put into them, we’d wager these Electric Broncos will sell for over $100,000 apiece. Via DesignBoom: