5 Eco-Friendly Hotels in California

Travel is essential to expand your mind and visit with friends and family, but also can be a big source of pollution around the globe. These days a number of hotels work their hardest to keep their own environmental footprint as small as possible. Indeed, eco-friendly travel is one of the fastest growing sectors, and we’re excited by the lengths that some have gone to keep your stays as green and small footprint as possible.

California has long been a leader in taking climate change seriously, and protecting its natural resources.

Here are a collection of 5 hotels that fit the eco-friendly bill, all in the Golden State.  List compiled with help from Culture Trip:


1.   Ventana Big Sur

This beautiful property overlooking the Pacific Ocean has a lot going for it.

“Inspired by the surrounding natural environment, the eco-resort has taken numerous sustainability measures, from integrating low-flow faucets and LED lights to using 100% recycled water for irrigation. Some of the on-site furniture was constructed using fallen redwood trees from the resort property and surrounding area.”


2.   H2Hotel

A charming yet modern hotel set in Healdsburg, in Sonoma’s famed wine country. You can take a bicycle from the hotel to a number of vineyards.

“The undulating roof of h2hotel is literally brimming with life. Planted with succulents, the living roof filters rainwater and reduces the amount of heat the hotel gives off. Also on the roof, solar panels heat the swimming pool and water in the hotel rooms. Instead of plastic water bottles, guests are given a reusable glass bottle and tumblers made from recycled wine bottles.”




3.   Two Bunch Palms Resort

Located outside of Palm Springs, this resort is adults-only, making it quieter and more calm than some.

“Considered one of the first sustainable resorts in the US, Two Bunch Palms in the Greater Palm Springs area is completely carbon neutral, generating electricity from 100% renewable sources, including their own 3.5-acre (1.4-ha) solar farm. The restaurant grows produce on-site, and the resort also uses biodegradable cleaning products. Known for its wellness program, Two Bunch Palms is home to 600-year-old mineral hot springs. The naturally warm water flows into a pool at the resort where guests can relax.”



4.  Bardessono

This classy and modern hotel in Yountville is in the heart of Napa, with stunning views and world-class wine. The hotel goes to extra lengths to make your stay eco-friendly.

“Bardessono puts the chic into eco, with 65 coolly low-rise guest rooms basking amid the undulating vineland horizons of Napa Valley – more precisely, in the gourmet town of Yountville, which glitters with Michelin stars. Marrying funky materials – salvaged Monterey-cypress timber, repurposed tufa stone – with endless vast glass panes to minimize electrical lighting, rooms feel like soul-nourishing relaxation spaces, particularly the 65 guest rooms and suites, with their massage tables and deep-soak tubs. Guests can even tend their own herbs in the culinary garden, which delivers fresh produce to the hotel’s Lucy restaurant.”

5.  The Ranch at Laguna Beach

This impressive location has so many natural wonders to explore, and the hotel itself does a great job of caring for its surroundings.

“The Ranch at Laguna Beach has cut down its water usage by 21.2 million gallons a year through a system that uses recycled water for irrigation.

One of The Ranch’s most unique measures is the use of a GLSand glass-bottle crusher, which creates a sand-like product from recycled glass bottles. Besides reducing waste volume, the resulting product can also be used for pavement repairs and pool filtration at the hotel. The Ranch also partnered with The Ecology Center of Southern California to create a half-acre on-site garden that provides fruit, vegetables and herbs for the resort’s restaurant, Harvest.”