An Autonomous Mayflower, 400 Years Later


What would the original Mayflower voyagers have thought if it saw this sleek, unmanned catamaran silently sailing the ocean? Well, in 2020, this craft will set sail across the Atlantic, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower voyage. Dubbed the Mayflower400, this high-tech craft will set sail from Plymouth, in the UK, to the United States, on the same voyage path as the original. The ship’s goal:

To build an autonomous vessel capable of conducting scientific research with the endurance and reliability to operate remotely in all corners of the globe. The vessel is to be powered by renewable energy and where necessary compliant with maritime regulations. The vessel is to have undergone an extensive sea trial period and be ready to participate in the Mayflower 400 Commemorations in 2020.

mayflower-2020-moss-and-fog-2 mayflower-2020-moss-and-fog-3