Ancaster Creek House Designed for Aging in Place

This sleek modern home is more than just eye candy. In an empathetic and fascinating design by Williamson Williamson, the Ancaster Creek House was designed for a family to live alongside their aging parents, elderly people with memory loss and decreased physical abilities. Carefully placed lights and sinks, a master power switch for safety, and room for a live-in nurse help set it apart from most modern homes.   The result is a clean, glassy home with huge views of the natural environment, and a thoughtful design meant to make living simple and elegant.  Set up almost like adjoining apartments, the home’s design allows for the elderly parents to live on the ground floor, with the rest of the family up the sculpted wooden staircase. The home runs along a stream in Ontario, and features state-of-the-art materials and sustainability. It’s unique design and accessibility have helped it and the architecture firm win several awards. Via Uncrate: