Laundry Folding Machine – One Step Closer to Rosie the Robot?

If you remember the Jetson’s, you remember Rosie the Robot, the sassy, yet indispensable robot that handled much of the home tasks, from cooking breakfast to cleaning the house.

Our robot future has not arrived yet, but we are slowly chipping away at the mundane tasks, like adjusting heat (Nest), controlling audio (Alexa), and locking our doors (August).  Now we can possibly add Foldimate to that, a clothes folding machine that promises to speed up and take the annoyance out of folding your laundry. Check out the machine being used at CES 2019 below.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a pretty silly invention that clearly isn’t crucial for most homes. But for stores or laundromats, we could see this be a great addition to the mix. Available at the end of 2019 for a pretty steep $980.