Aptera’s Small, Teardrop Shaped EV Launches After Years of Promises

Aptera is finally releasing their production-ready car, after many years of testing, revising, stalling, and finding financial backing.

Their Launch Edition features Aptera’s trademark teardrop shape, a solar-clad exterior, 400+ mile range, and a 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds. The small, three-wheel design and sleek profile has a super aerodynamic shape and claims a drag coefficient of just 0.13.  That, combined with the solar exterior, generating up to 40 miles of charge from the sun per day, make for a highly-efficient package.

Aptera claims a safety cell made from composites that make it stronger than steel, and a small yet usable 32.5 cubic feet of rear storage.

The two-seater certainly looks unique, and starts at an affordable $25,900. But whether there’s an audience interested in it, remains to be seen.