Beautiful Stop Motion of Over 12,000 Pressed Leaves

The Book of Leaves is an impressive project by Brett Foxwell of bfophoto who gathered over 12,000 leaves, carefully pressing them and photographing them. He then sequentially animated them, making the leaves appear to morph and transition into different species. Take a look at the video below.

The project shows just how hugely diverse the world of trees and plants are, with thousands of species that have similar visual attributes.

Impressive display of patience and determination to pull this video off, sequencing the leaves in such a way that their shapes transition expertly. Via LS:

From Foxwell:

“While collecting leaves, I conceived that the leaf shape every single plant type I could find would fit somewhere into a continuous animated sequence of leaves if that sequence were expansive enough. …I gathered, pressed and photographed over 12,000 leaves. They are such wondrous creatures. The universes contained within their shapes and the diversity of their forms have boggled my mind.”