Beautifully Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculpture by Tom Lawton

Based on the shape of a torus, British artist Tom Lawton has created a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture that dazzles the eyes when in motion.

The sculpture, named Wonder, defies explanation, demanding to be seen in motion.

“Comprising of a single self-supporting, ribbon like structure made in polished copper, which appears to flow like water as it spirals both upwards and down, contracting inwards as it expands out. Wonder holds a space of everlasting love and invites you to trust in the rhythm of life.”

This single ribbon feels magical as it moves, powered in an endless loop on its pedestal. The sculpture is currently on Kickstarter, where you can learn more and back the project.

All images © Copyright Tom Lawton, used with permission.  

The reception of Wonder has been pretty overwhelming, here are some quotes regarding the impact of the sculpture on other artists and creators:


‘Enigmatic, mysterious and beautiful. Tom’s incredible creation echoes the essence of infinity & eternity. The medieval chapel at Malmesbury Abbey seems the most befitting place for Wonder to find it’s first ever home. Here in the heart of our town for the marvel and enjoyment of us all’ – Reverend Oliver Ross, Malmesbury Abbey


‘You’ve really made it? This is unreal. Stunning. It is like a merging of the 3D world I know and an animated unreality. Is it real? Thank you for letting me look in’ – Sarah Giblin, Inventor


‘The fantabulous artist and inventor Tom Lawton has created an endlessly flowing Doughnut (aka a torus). It does indeed stir up wonder & invites us to ask: what kind of economy would generate these dynamics? Is this what regenerative & distributive design looks like in motion?’ – Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics


‘For me, Wonder’s helical magic expresses the flow and unfolding evolutionary impulse of our entire Universe – which over the last 13.8  billion years, in an ongoing and meaningful Big Breath, has guided the emergent spirals of a living and sentient universoul to be embodied in ever greater complexity in planets, plants and people.’ – Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist