Cadillac Enlists Lenny Kravitz to Help Introduce Their Ultra-Luxury $300,000 Celestiq

Cadillac used to be known as the pinnacle of cars, with their name being synonymous with something great.

The ‘Cadillac’ of _________. 

These days, the brand has slipped quite a bit, more known for older drivers and maybe for their behemoth Escalade SUV.

Certainly the brand hasn’t been able to compete with true ultra-luxury brands like Rolls Royce or Bentley.

They hope that’s about to change, with the introduction of their new Celestiq, a huge, long, and incredibly expensive hand-built electric vehicle. It’s the halo car for the company, a model that will sell in low volume, but for big money. Expect the Celestiq to sell for well over $300,000.

The company has employed legendary rocker Lenny Kravitz, a decidedly stylish figure, to help bring some personalization ethos to the car.  In fact, as a hand-built car, the Celestiq is hugely customizable, from colors to textures throughout. Take a look at the video below.

With choreographed light show, a bespoke interior featuring impressive craftsmanship and a 55-inch curved display, Cadillac describes it as the following:

World’s first all-electric ultra-luxury sedan

Cadillac-first five advanced HD interactive displays tailored to the needs of every occupant

Ultra Cruise* Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Advanced All-Wheel Drive, Adaptive Air Suspension with Magnetic Ride Control, Active Rear Steering and Cadillac-first active roll control

Industry-first Smart Glass Panoramic Sunroof with fixed glass

World first ClimateSense™ individualized four-zone microclimate system

Time will tell if this new ultra-expensive EV from Cadillac is a success or not. And whether or not a rockstar’s blessing gives it credibility to fellow tastemakers.

Lenny Kravitz and GM VP of Global Design Michael Simcoe discussing the customizable interior of the Celestiq.

From Santorini Blue leather to expansive Smart Glass roof, Cadillac has something to prove with this model.

The company has tried to create a flagship that feels timeless and monumental, while also incorporating technology of tomorrow.

The Celestiq will arrive late 2023 as a 2024 model.