Blue Marble Titanic Expeditions


The Titanic is 12,000 below the surface of the ocean, resting peacefully for the rest of time. It’s been immortalized on film and in countless books. But if you’re adventurous and wealthy, you can take a personal journey to see the most famous ship in the world.

Blue Marble Expeditions describes their upcoming trips:

Commencing in 2018 with further dives scheduled for 2019, the 8-day missions led by OceanGate Expeditions, will take just 9 adventurers at a time from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada on a deep ocean discovery to the Titanic.

Reaching depths of 4,000 metres in a specially designed titanium and carbon fibre submersible, guided by a crew of experts, you will glide over the ship’s deck with a glimpse of where the famous grand staircase was once set, capturing a view that very few have seen, or ever will.

Far fewer people have visited the wreck of the Titanic than the number who have been to space or summited Mt. Everest – this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an expedition designed only for those with a truly adventurous spirit.

No word on cost, but rest assured, it won’t be cheap. Via Uncrate: