Bringing the Outdoors Inside with These Incredible Furniture Pieces that Replicate Nature

There is furniture that is ‘inspired by nature’, and then there’s the new Design by Nature Collection, which looks like the real thing.

Created by Swedish studio Front and Italian brand Moroso, the collection was created using precise 3D scanning of natural objects. Pattered and textured to mimic mossy rocks, amorphous seaside rock formations, and the like.

The result is pretty remarkable, pieces of furniture that camouflage themselves in a natural setting, but bring a bit of natural realism into your home.  The texture and color of the Kvadrat textiles mimic nature’s complexity and patterns, further creating the illusion, while also creating a soft and relaxing place to relax.

To be shown at Milan Design Week 2021, these showstoppers are extremely unique.

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The new pieces of furniture are recreations of fragments of wilderness, using 3D-scanning, milling and weaving The pieces appear like moss-covered rocks and mounds, three-dimensional forms found in nature that suggest places for the human body to occupy.