Bruised Banana Art Show That Anything Can be a Canvas for Art

Painting, drawing, ceramics, all of these are common pursuits. But bruising banana peels to create artwork? Sure, why not!

Artist Anna Chojnicka started creating this unique medium during the Coronavirus lockdown, challenging herself to do a daily art project. It’s clear that she has some serious artistic chops, and she’s applying them in strange yet amazing ways on this unique canvas.

By simply bruising the banana peel in intricate ways, she’s able to create complex scenes, making great use of negative space.

And when she’s finished with the artwork, she eats her daily banana, making this a healthy pursuit in more way than one.

Follow her impressive work on her Instagram, Banana Bruiser. Via Twisted Sifter:



“I just bruise the peel by pressing into it with a blunt point and the marking goes gradually darker over a couple of hours (so can create graduation of shades based on timing – by doing that darkest parts first).”