Brynjar Ágústsson Captures Gorgeous Textures of his Native Iceland

We’ve posted extensively about Iceland, and the natural beauty that abounds there. There’s a deeply sensuous quality to the landscapes, the myriad textures that grace the valleys, plains, and mountains.

Native Icelander Brynjar Ágústsson knows this well, and catalogs these landscapes with beautiful photography. His work exemplifies these many textures, describing some of them as “the vascular system of Mother Earth”.

Other series include beautiful images of glacial ice, flowing lava, and lush, verdant moss clinging to rocks.

Ágústsson offers prints of his beautiful work, be sure to check them out on his website. See more of his photography on Instagram and Behance as well.

We’ve also started a whole category of our website dedicated to Iceland, as we’re so drawn to it’s culture and natural beauty.

Images used with artist’s permission.