California’s Wildfire Plagued Skies Are So Toxic They Completely Mirror the Dystopian Blade Runner 2049 Film

Without living near a wildfire prone state, it’s really hard to understand the feeling of fragility and helplessness that come along with it. We’re writing this from Oregon, where record wildfires have torn through much of the state, leveling entire towns and leaving old growth forests ravaged. Thick smoke is hanging in the air, like a blanket of stinky fog, making it toxic to even walk down the block.

California’s recent wildfires have brought even worse smoke, with recent San Francisco conditions that mimic a true apocalyptic movie.

Indeed, the recent sci-fi thrilled Blade Runner 2049 featured eerily similar orange-hued scenes, set in a truly dystopian future.

A scene from the sci-fi film Blade Runner 2049

From a dystopian film set in 2049 to an eerie reality set 29 years earlier, it’s depressing to see the comparison at all, let alone so soon.

An un-altered photo from San Francisco this week



Dramatically hued orange skies

Someone even made a drone video in San Francisco that shows just how spooky the comparison is.