Canyon Future Mobility Concept Bridges the Car and Bike Divide

Although many countries in Europe have widely adopted bicycle commuting routines, much of the world are glued to their cars, stuck in traffic jams.

As climate change becomes an ever more pressing dilemma, we are going to need mobility options that are more flexible, innovative, and space efficient than ever before.

Canyon is a bicycle company making sleek and fast bikes, but also a company willing to invest in the future, exploring new concepts that embody what people want, and what’s good for the planet.

Their Future Mobility Concept is a sleek e-bike with a car-like structure built around it. Fast enough to cruise down busy roads but slim enough to fit on a bike lane, it’s a fascinating and optimistic view of what’s to come.

Learn more on the Canyon website. Hopefully we’ll see options like this coming to cities around the world soon.