Casa Eterea, An Amazing Mirrored Retreat in the Mexican Countryside

We love the mirrored exterior of this small yet elegant retreat in the Mexican countryside. Entirely off-grid and set in a beautifully rustic setting, Casa Eterea only sleeps two, and gives total privacy and seclusion the lucky guests. Incredible stargazing an solitude are on offer, along with all of the amenities you might expect from a boutique getaway.

The mirrored exterior doesn’t just look modern, but it perfectly reflects the surroundings, making it blend in and disappear at the right angles. A special patterned ultraviolet coating allows it to be visible by birds, making it safer for creatures that might otherwise fly into it.

Starting at $400/night, we imagine it would be an unforgettable experience. Via Uncrate:

“Conceived as an off-grid hideaway for two, Casa Etérea is a 75-square-metre dwelling that sits on the rugged slopes of the extinct volcano Palo Huérfano. The vision was to create a “theatre to nature” from which guests could experience the mountain, so sustainability was crucial in attaining a truly complete integration with the environment.”

“It’s powered by solar panels and collects rain for water allowing for off-grid living. The inside is void of partitions, leaving an open room with unobstructed views. Floor-to-ceiling glass opens the living space out to a deck and a solar-heated pool surrounded by olive and pomegranate trees.”