I’ve long been fascinated by the sculptural and radical designs from German born Luigi Colani.  His work spans numerous decades, but holds a tight theme of bold, visionary, and often bizarre industrial design.  A designer who takes risk, Colani has not seen many of his large-scale vehicles brought to life. A lot of them are still years out, either technically, or taste-wise.  But that’s okay. He remains a visionary thinker, someone who can take a train or plane and sculpt such a drastic re-imagining that almost makes you gasp.

A quote about Colani on shape, and how it is used in his work.

It’s not to say that I think all of his creations are beautiful, necessarily.  But ‘The Professor”, as he’s sometimes called, knows aerodynamics, knows speed, and knows engineering.  The results are hyper-futuristic, broadly swept forms, often huge in size.

The slippery shapes have been shown in museums worldwide, and Colani continues to teach design and tinker in his studio.