Comparing the Biden and Trump White House Christmas Decorations

We’ll share photos of the Trump White House decorations and the Biden White House Decorations, and let you decide. (Hint, they’re not as creepy any longer).

As a refresher, Melania Trump prided herself in choosing some very….unorthodox decorations for the famous home, transforming what is normally a warm and inviting holiday space into something that looked more at home on the set of American Horror Story.  Or maybe that’s just our opinion.

Jill Biden, on the other hand, seems to have a fair bit warmer aesthetic, making things seem less ferocious.

Either way, it’s fun to see the before and after, where a sense of normalcy has been restored to the decorations. At least for now.

Biden White House, left. Trump White House, right.

East Wing Entrance:




East Colonnade:






And that oh-so-frightening 2017:


Kidding aside, decorations are subjective, and everyone has their own style. But it’s fascinating to see the differences in thoughts and decor for such a public-facing space. And one that is meant to represent the whole country.

We’re just going to let out a relieving …. whew.