Concept for Tesla Electric Bicycle Presents an Intriguing Design

Electric bicycles, or electric-assist bikes are skyrocketing in popularity right now, with sales doubling and tripling since the global pandemic started.  People are abandoning public transit options like trains and busses for these new, increasingly affordable electric bike options.

The biggest electric car maker, Tesla, has yet to get in the electric bike game, but there’s a strong case for them entering the market. They have battery expertise, their brand recognition is huge, and they’d be able to further expand their electric vehicle footprint if they made bikes.

Designer Kendall Toerner hasn’t waited for a Tesla bike to arrive, instead creating a compelling concept design for a ‘Model B’ bicycle, with a streamlined, futuristic design.

Using a similar array of cameras, radar, and sensors the way that Tesla cars do, Toerner’s concept proposes a much safer and connected version of the bicycle than is available today.

The only thing we find sorely lacking on this concept – pedals! A bicycle without pedals is just a motorbike. Give us the option to pedal the bicycle, not just have it drive us around.

Either way, an intriguing design, hopefully one we might see in the future. Via Yanko Design: