Mt. Everest Whiskey Glass Chills Your Drink in 18 Seconds

Whiskey (or whisky) drinkers can be a very particular lot. Serious connoisseurs prefer their drink neat, without any ice or mixer, which would tamper with the flavor of the golden liquid.

There are countless types of glassware and tools to cater to this crowd, but we’ve yet to see such an intricate vessel, featuring the world’s tallest peak, albeit in 1:230,000 scale.

The solid glass Everest chills deeply in the freezer, and can take your room temperature whiskey down to chilled drinking levels in a mere 18 seconds.

Weighing in at a pound per glass, the Everest would make a significant and unique gift for that whiskey lover in your life.

Shipping in April 2021, it’s currently having a very successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.