Cove Claims to Introduce the World’s First Fully Biodegradable Water Bottle

Single use plastic bottles, and the massive consumption of water bottles continues to be an issue across the world. From plastic trash flooding the oceans and overflowing landfills, there are so many reasons that single-use plastic is a problem.

The simple answer is to avoid it at all costs, and use the myriad of great reusable, refillable options available. We do that while traveling without issue, saving money and resources in the process.

However, millions of bottles continue to be bought and thrown away everyday, so eco-friendly alternatives need to find their way into the hands of consumers.

Cove claims to have the world’s first fully biodegradable water bottle, one that is made from a blend of PHA, a bio-based plastic that fully degrades when composted.

Their bottle aims to take a bite out of the massive waste problem, with a product that breaks down in a number of weeks in an industrial compost setting, or a maximum of 5 years in the ground.

We appreciate the materials science that went into this project, and hope Cove is successful in disrupting the flow of single-use plastic bottles into our ecosystem.

Available for sale at Erewhon in Los Angeles to start, with more markets in the future. Read more on The Dieline: