Giant Plastic Tap Brings Attention to Our Devastating Plastic Problem

We can’t think of a more striking sculpture to bring attention to plastic waste than that of a giant tap, drenching the landscape with plastic bottles and trash.

Artist and activist Benjamin Von Wong has made an international name for himself by staging dramatic photos about plastic and our very real problem of waste.

His latest project is called Turn Off the Plastic Tap, and it very literally puts a huge tap in public spaces, complete with an enormous stream of plastic bottles and waste pouring out. The clever design hides the structural element, making it appear as if the tap is floating high up in the air.

Part of an installation that was commissioned by the Canadian Embassy in France, the work is memorable and powerful, showcasing in no uncertain terms our compiling issue with single use plastic.  We were saddened but not surprised to hear that during the last year of our global pandemic, the problem intensified, with single-use plastic consumption jumping 250-300%.

See more of this impressive and impactful project on and on Von Wong’s website. It has a great behind the scenes that tells the story of how the project came to be. And follow the hashtag #TurnOffThePlasticTap for more.

“As an artist and activist, I’m always looking for exciting ways to make the boring problem of plastic pollution more interesting. I’ve created campaigns from 168,000 plastic straws18,000 plastic cups, and 10,000 plastic bottles. But those projects only raised awareness for individual objects and never pointed to the root cause of the problem: Plastic production.”


“Single-use plastic consumption has gone up by 250-300% during the pandemic.”