Cutthroat Gin’s Bottle Design is a Cut Above the Rest

How do you stand out in the world of spirits? There are so many brands, so many choices.

Bottle design is an obvious way, and we love the way Cutthroat Gin has set themselves apart from the crowd.  Their bottles have a very distinctive ‘cut’ that makes the bottle itself look like it was dramatically sliced.

The designers originally planned a ceramic bottle, but ended up using a glass bottle with matte paint, giving the brand an urban, edgy look. We love the slice detail, and the way it catches the eye, setting it apart from other bottles on the shelf.

Via The Dieline:

Designed by Mousegraphics:

“The Cutthroat® brand is a new beverage choice with a sophisticated steam-punk attitude, and distilling processes that evolved in the 18th century.”