Desert Rainbow

alvord color moss and fog Cover 2


We spent the Memorial Day weekend on our second annual Alvord Desert camping extravaganza, in southern Oregon. Located south of the Steens mountain range, the Alvord is a 12-by-7-mile dry lake bed, a fantastic place to camp, explore, and embrace your inner self.  It’s flat as a pancake, and allows for a degree of freedom to explore that is rare. You can take your car up to top speed without worrying about hitting anything. Indeed, the land speed record for women was set at the Alvord, a blistering 512 miles per hour.

While there this year, we created a fun video featuring colored smoke bombs and a drone. The smoke bombs lasted only 90 seconds apiece, so we had to carefully plan our shots, and as you’ll see, there was a fair amount of scampering about, which added to the hilarity of the experience. After filming, we didn’t quite know what to expect, but the resulting footage seemed primed for a music video.

Using Enola Gaye colored smoke bombs and a DJI Mavic Pro, we were able to capture a memorable scene.

alvord color moss and fog 1alvord color moss and fog 3alvord color moss and fog 4