Fiat’s Electric Centoventi

Fiat is celebrating their 120th birthday, and they’ve released the Centoventi electric concept at the Geneva Auto Show.

It’s a diminutive and clever little electric vehicle, and aims to be the next generation Panda, which is a major European seller.

The car is designed to have over 120 accessories, and a myriad of customization options, to make it as flexible as possible.


“It’s an important concept because it’s the 120th anniversary of Fiat and the 40th anniversary of the Panda. It’s a huge opportunity for us to revisit the value of the history of our brand and the value of the Panda as a functional car, imagining a new, democratic, electric mobility at the same time. It’s not only an aspirational opportunity but an opportunity to rethink how design can meet the needs of our customers in the future”


The seats can swivel, be removed, and adapt to car seats, etc. The rest of the interior is equally flexible, with a slotted dashboard that has a peg-type system, allowing for fun and funky accessories.


The car is all electric, but has some interesting aspects to its battery, from a quick-swap system that allows for a new battery to be installed in under 5 minutes, to a possible battery rental service.


Meant to be customized, the car has a ton of accessory options, from roof to wheels to interior styles. Via Cool Hunting:



The car even has a digital logo on the outside that can be changed to show a message while the car is stopped.