Field Candy

I am an unabashed lover of tents. I am an avid camper, and I got my first backpacking tent at age 12. Since then I’ve been setting it up all over the place. The woods, the beach, my front yard, and even my living room.  There’s something magical about the way it forms an instant dwelling, transforming a cold patch of dirt into a space to come home to.

Tent in my living room. Somehow, it just feels right.

As a design nerd, I’m also a fan of products that keep design in the forefront of their decision making. So when I came across FieldCandy, I about jumped out of my seat.

These limited-edition, designer tents hail from the UK, and they’re pretty amazing. Their classic A-frame shape harkens back to the old days of camping, but their high-definition ‘flysheet’ designs are anything but traditional.  They fly in the face of high-tech, but design-timid gear that fills the market.

Here is a look at the inner tent, which has a variety of features, including locked pockets, windows and high-quality build materials.

As jaw-dropping as the designs are, the prices are equally stunning. All limited-edition, the tent prices range from around $400 to well over a thousand. But wow would you make a statement. You would indeed be the talk of the campground or music festival. I personally would love to be nestled deep in the woods in a giant wedge of cheese.

Visit the well-designed FieldCandy website to browse the whole collection.