Green Living: How to Create an Eco-Conscious Home

In 2023, every homeowner should be looking to make their home more sustainable. Not only can this help you to reduce your environmental impact during a time when climate change is a serious issue, but it could also help you to lower your energy bills. This means that creating an eco-conscious home is a win-win, but how can you go about doing this when refurbishing?



Add Insulation

A good starting point is to add insulation to your home. Homes without insulation can lose up to 45% of heat, which means that people end up using a lot more energy which is harmful to the planet and can cost a huge amount. Roof insulation should be a priority as this is where most energy is lost and it could save you hundreds of pounds a year while also making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature.



Double or Triple Glazing

A huge amount of energy can be lost through the windows and again this can be costly. Double or even triple glazing will prevent heat loss so that you can keep your home nice and warm even in the middle of winter without having to keep the curtains drawn at all times. Additionally, double or triple glazing can offer noise insulation and even increase home security. Indeed, high quality windows play a huge part in keeping your home comfortable.




Add a Renewable Heating System

A renewable heating system will be one of the best ways to reduce your impact and save money. Heat pumps, air-source systems and biomass boilers are all options that are becoming more common in the UK and US, giving the chance to lead a much more sustainable lifestyle.  They do have high up-front costs, but much of that can be offset with the savings they provide in the long run. Even better, there are a number of programs that help subsidize the cost of these eco-friendly heating methods.



Decorate with Eco-Friendly Touches and Use Natural Materials. 

When it comes to decorating, you need to consider the products that you use. You should be using eco-paints, environmentally-friendly wood varnishes and natural products to create an eco-conscious design. Not only can eco-friendly decorating touches be better for the planet, they often lend a lighter, more contemporary feel to your home. When furnishing the home, you should always research products and opt for those that are natural, or minimally processed. In particular, you want to make sure that you use natural materials on the walls and flooring where possible.  Even better, avoid rare hardwoods or exotic woods that might be coming from places in the rainforest where trees are being clearcut.




Use Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats will help you to optimise your central heating usage so that you can keep your costs down while still making the most out of your system. These can be controlled by your smartphone and will learn your habits to help you to optimise usage.



Recycle Water

A rainwater harvesting system will allow you to make use of the rain that falls on your roof each year (a lot in the UK!) Which can then be used in many different ways. You should also opt for eco-friendly toilets and shower heads to be more water efficient.

These are some of the best ways to make your home more eco-conscious so that you can reduce your impact but also save money on your energy bills.