Gufram’s Famous Cacti Get the Andy Warhol Treatment

Gufram is an Italian furniture design company that has deep roots in the world of modern and postmodern design. Their famous Lip loveseat helped usher in a pop sensibility in furniture in the late 20th century.

Their Cactus coat stand was originally launched in 1972, but is reborn in a collaboration with the late Andy Warhol, bringing his signature pop colors to this iconic furniture piece. In blue, yellow, and pink, the friendly cactus has contrasting black tips.

This collaboration brings the Cactus form back for the first time in decades, as it was discontinued year ago.

Each color is limited to a 99-piece run, and will command a premium. Via Hypebeast:

“We started off imagining how Warhol could have depicted the CACTUS® and then we created the 3D version by working with a trio of typically Warhol colors and highlighting their tips with black, just as in one of the artist’s screenprints.”