Hero Arm Bionic Prosthesis

Up until now, an amputee or someone missing an arm would have be pay tens of thousands of dollars to (potentially) receive a mechanical prosthetic. The arms weren’t very intuitive, and offered only limited mobility and function. With the advent of cheaper and more accessible motors, computers, and 3D printing, we now have options like the Hero Arm, from Open Bionics.

This remarkable bionic arm weighs only two pounds, can carry up to 17 pounds, and uses advanced haptics and sensors to allow a great range of fine motor skills. Even more remarkable is the price. At $3,000, the arm is now available to a huge range of people, allowing amputees to recover much of their lost mobility. The Hero Arm is also available with a range of fun covers for children, giving you the look of Iron Man’s robot arm, or even Star Wars. Via Uncrate: