Hydaway Collapsible and Filtering Water Bottle

It’s nice to see companies finally start to ditch plastic straws to reduce plastic waste. But many of us would say it’s not a big enough change. The cups and bottles are the main culprits, and yet we use and toss them in the millions everyday.

Enter the Hydaway, a clever collapsible cup that aims to reduce the number of cups we throw away. By having the compact collapsible design, it makes it much more likely that you’ll actually have the container with you when you need it, versus bulkier, empty bottles. ┬áIn addition, it’s lid has a built in charcoal filter, for taste and purity. When packed down, it’s super compact, and fits in a handy carrying case.

It’s currently on Kickstarter, having raised it’s entire goal within 18 hours. Check out their intriguing promo video, and pick one up for around $25.