Underwater Cars by Scramble Studio

An impressively unique tribute to classic cars, Scramble Studio brings these rusty classics deep underwater, showcasing a great ability to render light and water. The car’s lights are a great touch, adding life and interest, and a sense of surrealism. We love the way nature has started taking over, with bits of coral and algae clinging to the windshields and engine compartments. Via Behance:


No extra credits for this personal work, which is a tribute to american classic cars. We love it! And would never see a rusted and abandoned design jewel in a cemetery car or laying dead on the seafloor. God knows how many people have drove, whispered secrets, lived unforgettable moments, cryed, laughed and how many spoken words onboard of these beauties! We brought some back to life with this project in memory of the millions that have been demolished and forgotten. CGI and retouch can make miracles!