IKEA Furniture Upcycled to Become Wildlife Homes


IKEA is on a big push to lower their overall carbon footprint, and show the world that they can be a responsible global citizen.

Collaborating with artists in the UK, they’ve created a series called Wildhomes for Wildlife, utilizing old IKEA furniture pieces in funky and innovative ways.

Below are some of the pieces from the collection, including homes for birds, bats, bees, insects, and more.  Via Dezeen:

Dom by Supermundane is a colourful birdhouse made from IKEA’s Industriell shelving units

Månstråle House by designers Beep Studio is a nesting pod for birds made from old Stråla lamp stands

Bughattan by Adam Nathaniel Furman invites bees and wasps to rest

Honey I’m Home! by artist Hattie Newman is a home for bees built from IKEA’s Burvik side tables

Supermundane also completed the Pipi bat house with a brightly coloured aesthetic

The Bug Bud by Iain Talbot is an insect “hotel” made from cladding from the Greenwich store

Fladdermösshus by Studio Weave is an alternative bat house with a very different aesthetic